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Hi there, dear readers. Today, I would like to tell you the story of how I managed to find my beauty far-far-away, and how I was able to bring it back home.

First things first, let me introduce myself. I’m Hanna Tibbots, 47 years old, currently living in Abuja.

This is my story

I woke up one day and when I looked in the mirror, I broke out in tears. My forehead was just absolutely full with deep wrinkles and fine lines – that day was a rigid, cold autumn day, but my heart longed for warmth and light. For some reason, I recalled a story I had read way back in the past about a woman who managed to rejuvenate her face at the specialized spas of Tunis. This former French colony is just full of expert cosmeticians who use great local products to help people. These experts work 2-3 times cheaper than the Nigerian beauticians. I guess this is why Tunis trips are so popular all over the world, including Nigeria too 🙂

“I deserve to be beautiful, right?!” – with that in mind, I started to ask around about Tunisian tours. Soon enough, I already got seduced by a 50% off discount trip at one of the travel agencies. To cut to the chase, 2 nights later I booked in to the Bio Azur Spa Center in the peaceful resort town of Hammamet. The local magicians started to do their jobs the minute I got there. I don’t want to waste your time with all the stories of algae and mud masks or hydromassage tubes. This isn’t the point. I wanted to tell you about the things they did to my face.

The course was designed to be 12 days long. I made a picture of my face to be able to see the difference later visually too. So, back to the story, I was sitting in the luxurious chair of a great cosmetician, enjoying the treatment – it was a great pleasure! Quiet soothing music, spicy aromatic smells filling the air, and a great massage with a unique cream. The whole process took about 15-20 minutes. This went on for 12 days. As for the results, you can see it for yourself in the pictures. Here, just take a look.

The bags under my eyes, the wrinkles, and the fine lines were all gone! 15 years have disappeared completely from my face! I was in shock and awe! My cosmetician was just smiling, she already got used to the reaction of her clients. I asked her the name of the product that was so effective, and she said it is called Goji Cream.

What happened next was pretty much the usual, I flew back to Abuja, and my friends and family just absolutely bombarded me with all the questions! I honestly told everyone about what happened, but deep down… I was sad. Everyone was really happy, but I saw the sadness in my mother’s eyes. I knew what was happening. A woman is a woman as long as she’s alive – and my mother wanted to become beautiful too. But I cannot send away a 71 years old woman to Tunisia alone. I made enquiries about the cream in the different stores in the city, but no one heard about it…

Turns around you could order the cream from everywhere

Half a year passed, and suddenly – a miracle happened! I stumbled upon a familiar name on the Internet – it was the Goji Cream! I checked it and everything was right. The packaging was different than the one I had saw in Tunisia, but the price was also much lower too. Could it be that the Tunisian people overcharged me for the extra services? Back to the point, I had my doubts, but I still ordered the product! I knew how effective it was, and should it be the real deal, then we can’t just simply miss it!

The package arrived in 5 days. My mother and I started the course together. I already knew everything about how it was done. Of course we missed out on the fancy chairs and the great fragrances of that awesome spa in Tunisia, but Goji Cream worked nevertheless. My mother was able to erase 15 years of her face in just 12 days. That’s more than one year off each day!!!

This is the fruit of my labour:

I instantly ordered 6 more tubes of cream – for my mother, a friend, and myself. It will surely come in handy, since I have yet to find a better skin care product. The results come really fast. It’s simply amazing!

So this is my story. I really hope that my experience will help a lot of people. Women should look gorgeous, regardless of their age!


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