Youth, Leadership & Economy

Good leadership is not determined by age. However, the youths are of a better chance to credible performance as leaders. The world has known great and outstanding leaders within the youth age bracket. John Kennedy at the of 43 and Barrack Obama at 46 respectively, became presidents of the most powerful nation in the world, America. Emmanuel Macron at 39 became the President of France and Saleh Ali al-Sammad was 38 when he served as President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen. Also, Emil Dimitriev at the of age 38 became the Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia.
In Africa, the game of politics and leadership is reserved, owned and control by the aged. Sadly enough, most of these aged leaders and politicians have no leadership qualities but influence. Some our leaders are greedy, arrogant, and scornful of the masses; they are world renowned for their incompetence, political intolerance, corruption and corrupt practices. Where is the hope for better tomorrow when our our “Honourables” and “Excellencies” behave like sycophants that lack moral restraint and any sense of responsibility to the society? They run and hide away from their lawful duties but stood in defense of anything of personal gain.
In Nigeria, the situation is indifferent. This is because, the chance giving to the youths in politics is more on paper than realities. Recently, the present administration under president Mohammadu Buhari signed into law the “Not Too Young to Rule” bill. Its indeed commendable, but how empowered and ready are the youths to compete with the old politicians who have dominated the system?
The young people should also be blame because some have failed in the grassroots leadership responsibilities. And the hope reposed on the Nigerian youths to usher in in a new era of selfless and responsible leadership and thus economic progress, social justice, official incorruptibility and societal reformation, if giving the opportunity to lead, is misused. The young people in leadership has to note that achievement seems to be connected with positive actions. For those that made mistakes, they have to move on and not to quit from the race but to make amends because only if mistake is not a stopping stone, it is a mistake.
Unarguable, young people are the engine of our economic growth. Aging population of enhances global competitiveness of the economy by boasting Gross Domestic Product. The youths are also the highest consumers of goods and services, making them investment boosters.
Therefore, youths are on the block deciding the destiny of every human race. Life now fully resembles art. Here in our country, can we hope that young people can foster a new debate and invigorate politics in a way that leads to true transformation? Can the youths reset the intuition of governance so they produce wealth and happiness for Nigeria? Can the young dream new dreams about a country on the thesis of citizen’s rights and make that dream happen?
There is a belief that young people can rise to the but how? The challenges that young people are faced with now in Nigeria is how to survive, they want to be alive. Unfortunately, this situation the young people found themselves is used by those in power and rich as an advance to use them as political thugs, communal clashes, religious crisis and so on. On this regard, the Nigerian youths need to be free from want. Very needy people are rarely to be peaceful. Also, unemployment should be seen as an affront to the notion of socially secured Nigerian youths. Providing meaningful jobs to the young people is one way of enhancing their life skills and wearing them away form life drudgery and crimes.
As the venerable Chinua Achebe wisely and pithily remarked, there is nothing wrong with the Nigerian character, the problems with Nigeria is simply and squarely the failure of leadership. Therefore, there is need for government to let go of corruption and corrupt practices. The fight against corruption should be done without sentiment. When is done, there will be a conducive atmosphere for every citizen either rich or poor, man or woman, young or old.
If today is bad, then we should strive to make a better tomorrow. Uncertainty gives birth to doubt and fear. The youths are future of every nation, politically and economically. Empowering the young people guarantees a brighter future of a nation.


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