A veteran journalist urges plateau state PDP candidate to accept defeat


The former General Manager, Plateau Publishing Corporations popularly known as, The Nigeria Standard Newspaper in Jos Plateau state Mr Jonathan Ishaku, called on Retired General Jeremiah Useni who is the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for plateau state governorship seat to accept defeat and congratulate the winner.
The Saturday 9th March governorship poll in plateau state happens to be among the six other states which elections were declared inconclusive.Unlike the others, in plateau state the ruling party, All progressive Congress whose candidate is the incumbent was leading before the process was declared inconclusive by INEC in the state.
The action by INEC left behind several reactions, across party lines among citizens within and outside the state. These reactions became more pronounced on the social media.
Mr Jonathan Ishaku who is no doubt a veteran journalist and of course one of the voices always heard and respected on the plateau made the statement on his Facebook page monday when he posted ; “All it will take for the Gubernotorial poll to be conclusive is for the general to be a gentleman and congratulate the winner”.
Mr Ishaku’s call attracted so many comments and responses, some for and others against, while other acted neutral. In this case as certain individuals expressed their dismayed over the veterans call, others appraised the position and supported the motion.
Abednego Dadar, in his respond in support for the call said, “Simple. I don’t know why they want to waste resources and suffer people unnecessarily”. Also, Mr Obadiah Gakpome Without delay, he need to congratulate SBL, period”. No election can be completely free, fair and credible if it is conducted by people living on earth. Daniel Lenka Arden, “Maybe that is possible only in heaven where there is perfection. I believe a lot of polling units must have had their share of lack of these qualities depending on which party had the overwhelming supporters in an area, and so I believe all parties might have cheated in one way or the other. From the outcome, it’s fair enough to accept the results and stop lavishing scarce resources for another election to prove what cannot immediately add value to the ailing system”.
For those against the veteran’s opinion is Mr Charles Deshi who It’s said politics is a game. So like football, a referee would not just end the game just because one side has scored 4 goals in the first half. 😂😂. Mr Gondhi Steven Danial responded , “Don’t noose dive sir, you should do an overview of the elections generally and give us who look up to you a direction. Your perspective has never been partisan, that’s how you earned your respect, keep it you might need it some day”.
On the nuetral Kefas Bise comments, “Let’s be calm and wait for the rerun so that we don’t go against the electoral law. Victory will be sweeter this way”.
However, INEC is expected to announce a new date for a rerun election in some polling units in the state, where there were cancellations, and other election irregularities as attested by the electoral body.