Church: Nigeria needs a man like Buhari

Mr Ubaka Ifeabunike, Anglican Cleric in Charge of St. Peter’s Church, Enugwu –Ukwu, has said Nigeria needs a strong leader like President Muhammadu Buhari to tackle challenges facing the country.

Ifeabunike said this during his homily on Sunday at St Peter’s Church Enugwu-Ukwu in Njikoka Local Government Area ( LGA) of Anambra.

He said Nigerian citizens need to be patriotic so as to grow the economic and social sectors of the country.

Ifeabunike in his homily titled ‘the cause of our problem’, which was drawn from the Holy Book of the Bible Jonah 1 verse 1 to 8, said disobedience to God is the main cause of the present challenges facing the country.

He said Nigerians have refused to diligently work in their various endeavours.

“But they still want to get rich overnight without following the ladder of life.

“Taking up the core responsibility of doing the right thing at the right time has eluded most people and this has resulted in people engaging in non productive activities which yield negative results as well as underdevelopment of the country,” he said.

He said a leader that is hard in his mind with a well focused ideology like Buhari would remedy various economic and social challenges facing the country.

He said Nigerians should learn to do the right things at all times without waiting for anybody to monitor them and also urged them to shun laziness and embrace hard work which would lead to development and growth of the nation’s economy .

Ifeabunike called on the faithful to repent and return to the right track and work hard to follow the rule of the land so as to contribute to the country’s development. (NAN)


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