How Corruption Fathered All Social Vices in Nigeria – Majidadi

By Deshi Munkuwe

Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi is the National President of Al-Mushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA) an NGO that is known for her whistle blowing efforts against corruption in Nigeria. In this exclusive interview with Capitalwatch Media revealed how corruption has fathered all evils bedeviling Nigeria.

What is AITA all about and what is the nature of your operations?

AITA as an anti-corruption NGO embedded with the vision to ensuring Zero tolerance for corruption and related activities. We achieved this by working in partnership with all the relevant anti-corruption agencies in the country.

We work with institutions of government such as Nigeria Police Force, EFCC, ICPC, DSS and so on, we are aimed at proving access to justice for all Nigerians, considering legislatives and executive encumbrances. We have come on board to help government to reduce corruption to a minimum level because the fight against corruption cannot be left to Mr President alone.

Certainly, our youths are in dear need of support, AITA support young people to realize their full natural potentials and actively contribute to the development of our society. On the same vein, AITA’s mission includes providing strong and reliable civil society and government synergy committed to building egalitarian society. We also have the mission to achieve a corrupt free society and provide the required leverage for improved economic activities.

We also provide innovations in the activities of non-governmental organizations to make Nigeria investors delight and the commercial hub of Africa.

Being an anti-corruption NGO, can we know the number of petitions so far received and handled by AITA?

You see, I can’t give you the exact figure of the corruption and misappropriation petitions we received from individuals, groups and organizations now but over a thousand petitions were been received since we started our operations in Nigeria. This is because, on a daily bases we entertained petitions from people/organizations and with our in-house lawyer he advises appropriately and we often act immediately.

We do ensure every necessary measure is taken in handling each case professionally. However, over 200 petitions were received within this year from January to date. Some have been concluded, some ongoing and so many other petitions still coming in.

Nigerians have realised that even as an NGO we are professional in treating every genuine case that is reported to use. This is because we have a cordial relationship with all the government established institutions and we do utalise those contacts and ensure speedy handling of genuine petitions.

What is your take on the “Whistle blowing” policy of the Buhari led government on the war against corruption?

As we all know, President Mohammadu Buhari is a man of integrity who has zero tolerance on corruption and any kind of mismanagement of public resources or injustice. It was on this basis that Mr President won the good will of the masses of this country. The whistle blowing introduced by the government of President Buhari is a right decision in a right direction considering the prime need to involve every Nigerian in this noble war against corruption.

Nigeria’s worst enemy as far as I am concern is Corruption. It is no doubt a monster that over the years stops our country from progressing. Corruption is found in every section and organ of government and even in some private establishments if not all.

This of course means that Nigerians must braise up in supporting the noble fight against corruption. If we don’t act fast and collectively, aggressively destroy the cankerworm called corruption, the future of our children is not guarantee. This is no doubt everybody’s fight, irrespective of our political, sectional and religious affiliations.

If corruption is not dealt with the way it should be, time is coming when there will no place called Nigeria. I can tell you without mixing words that corruption have a link to all the social vises and other challenges of our country that you may think of. Without corruption, there would be less unemployment, less banditry, less kidnapping, less prostitution, less religious and tribal clashes, and other social vices.

Corruption is the father of all evils that are bedeviling Nigeria as a nation. You now can see why we must support the government in the noble fight against corruption. If we decide to ignore corruption for what we can benefit from today, our future and that of our unborn children is surely going be in danger. If there is anything that needs all hands on deck is definitely the fight against corruption.

You champion the noble war against corruption through the establishment of this whistle blowing NGO, what are your most shocking revelations so far uncovered?

In fact, my experiences from when AITA came on board till date are enormous. However, talking about most shocking revelations, I think first and foremost is how people hide under the disguise of religion to gain cover and perpetrates evil. Nigeria is a religious nation; we are recognised worldwide as a country that practice religion, most especially the major religions which are Christianity and Islam.

But let me tell you this, among the most corrupt leaders in this country are the so called religious people. Secondly, we uncovered how selfish and inhuman some people can be where an individual with the support of few others will have the mind to embezzle billions at the detriment of the poor masses of this country. In summary, my experience since the beginning of this mission is a bad one, in the sense that corruption has become the order of the day and there is a long way to go in fighting injustice and every other irregularity in this country. I pray and urge all Nigerians to support the government in this war so that we can have a country to be proud of.


As the founder and National President of a leading whistle blowing NGO in Nigeria, did you foresee Nigeria coming out of the york of corruption in the near future?

Yes, there is hope for Nigeria and Nigerians; the coming of President Mohammadu Buhari on board has no doubt added and restored full hope for Nigeria. This is due to his sincere and pragmatic effort in the fight against corruption.

Unlike the time past, because of his sincere effort, people are now conscious of the fact that there is zero tolerance to and corrupt practices. No matter how highly placed one can be, President Buhari is a no respecter of anybody caught stealing public funds. People are now more economical and more productive as against what was before the emergence of President Buhari.


What will you love President Muhammadu Buhari to do now in his second tenure in respect to the fight against corruption?

I will urge Mr President to continue the good work and ignore every distraction from the enemies of Nigeria and Nigerians. Whenever, a good leader emerged, there must be enemies of progress who in one way or the other are benefiting from the evil act. But Buhari should know that God and majority of Nigerians are behind him.  Let me also use this medium to congratulate and appeal to all ministerial nominees if finally given the chance, they must replicate same gesture of Mr President in having a zero tolerance against corruption.


Finally, how can petitioners who have genuine cases reach you and your NGO?

Firstly, let me assure our prospective petitioners that AITA has over the years proven beyond the ordinary, exceptional professionalism in handling corruption cases mostly in relations to the ‘Whistle Blowing’ mechanism with all confidentiality. As staff of any government or private establishment who is or are affected directly or indirectly by any kind of misappropriation, mismanagement and other corrupt practices, AITA was principally established for you to come and report.

However, as private patriotic Nigerian, you must not be a staff of any organization or agency to be able to exercise you Whistle Blowing obligation. Making Nigeria corrupt free is a collective responsibility. Report any corruption cases to AITA for instant and prompt action will be taken and we guaranteed your safety as your identity must remained undisclosed and protected. AITA is enriched with both legal and intelligence professionals who will ensure proper and professional handling of genuine complains for fruitful results.

They can contact us on the following numbers below: 07036207599, 08109403952

They can equally visit us at:-

Abuja Head Office: Flat G Khadijat Labaran House, Plot 1346, Ahmadu Bello Way, Adjacent UBA Bank, Garki 2, Abuja FCT.

Kaduna Office: No. 7, Block C, Kura Plaza, Yakubu Gowon Way, Kaduna State.


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