Sanusi Accepts Dethronement as Will of Allah

The dethroned Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has said that he accepts his dethronement as a will of Allah and thanks Him for that.

The former emir, who spoke in Hausa language in a five-minute video released in the wee hours of Tuesday, called on his family members and relations to declare allegiance to the new Emir.

Sanusi, who remained calm throughout the short video, also prayed for and thanked the people of Kano for their cooperation while he was the emir.

According to him, “One of the blessings I have received from Almighty Allah is that He made me the Emir of Kano on the 8th of June 2014. He kept me alive and healthy for almost six years on the throne of our blessed heritage. Today Almighty Allah that made me the emir has destined and taken it away.

“We have always said it that being an emir is limited by time. The days Allah has willed for one to remain as emir are limited. Once those days are completed, one must vacate the throne whether he wants to or not. As a result of that, we accept whatever Allah wills. We accept, we are thankful, we are happy and we believe it is the best for us.

“We wish to thank the people of Kano for their cooperation in all these years, for the love, loyalty, obedience and prayer they have shown us. We wish to thank all those that have assisted us during our reign especially the members of our council and the chiefs that were loyal to us. We are also thankful to our relations who stood firmly in preserving our dignity and the dignity of this Emirate.

“We wish to call on the public to remain peaceful, whosoever is made the emir, we hereby instruct our family members, children and all those we have authority to declare their allegiance to him. They should respect him, protect his dignity and integrity and that of the Emirate. This is because his dignity and integrity are the dignity and integrity of this Emirate as well.

“We thank you all and condole you on this. We assure you that Allah never makes mistakes, whatever Allah does is right. You should not be worried about today, for indeed whatever begins has an end at sight. May we end well in this world and may we see our end in good health.

“We thank the Almighty Allah that gave us this opportunity to stay all these years, for the renovation of the palace we undertook, and for the opportunity we got to take along the tracks of King Khalifa. We are proud of the way King Khalifa ruled and how he left it and how we were placed on the same tradition as by the Almighty Allah. We seek Allah to give us the opportunity to end well in closeness to Him as he ended as well.

“We call on fellow Muslims to continue with the prayers they have been all these year, that Allah blesses our dear land Kano with peace and tranquility. May Allah bless you all, keep you alive and enrich our dear land. May He bless us with good leaders. May Allah bless this Emirate and our country at large. May He return back our land to us. We thank you, thank you and thank you so much as we depart happily, peacefully and thankfully.”


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