Author Eze: Icon of Excellence and Philanthropist

History and humanity appreciates and recognizes individuals whose track records stands tall among equals. It is on this course, the Managing Editor, Capitalwatch Media; Deshi Munkuwe takes a look at a distinct life, leadership and humanitarian antecedents of a Nigerian, business tycoon, and a seasoned philanthropist; Prince Arthur Eze, Founder and Chairman, Atlas Oranto Petroleum.

Held from Ukpo Village in the Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State, Prince Arthur Eze completed his secondary education at St Augustine Secondary School in Nkwere, Nigeria. Thereafter, Eze attended the California State University at Long Beach, where he graduated in 1978 with a degree in chemical and mechanical engineering.

The journey came to limelight in 1991, when Prince Authur Eze founded Atlas Oranto Petroleum with the goal to explore oil options in West Africa. With more blocks than any other company in Africa, Atlas soon became the biggest oil exploration company throughout the continent, with regional offices and representatives in all the core investment locations, and it continues to grow.

Atlas Oranto Petroleum is undoubtedly the largest privately-held Nigerian exploration and production group. Across Africa, the company currently has 22 oil and gas licenses in 12 jurisdictions, including producing assets in Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and numerous Atlas/Oranto-operated blocks.

Interestingly, Atlas Oranto Petroleum management team comprises a group of African petroleum industry specialists with a wealth of expertise and career-long international exposure. The strong indigenous character of this group provides a unique insight into the concerns and differing challenges of each of the host nations.

The company creates a collaborative and forward-looking investment strategy tailored to deliver value for its partners and host countries, in order that their often nascent oil and gas sectors may have an immediate and positive impact for their citizens.

Noteworthy, Atlas and Oranto place great emphasis on exceeding corporate governance best practices and complying with international health, safety and environment regulations. This ensures that its partners and host nation administrations have absolute confidence in their ethical commercial practices.

Talking about the brain behind this profound initiative, establishment and purpose, the unique personality; Prince Arthur Eze is popularly known among the masses beyond being a business tycoon for his unequal philanthropy gestures.

This involves Eze’s contribution to human development, education, health, sports, religion, culture, and most importantly his kind acts of changing the stories of the less privileged vulnerable in our society, through different faces of financial assistance and scholarships within and outside Nigeria.

Considering his love for improving the educational system in African even from lower level, Author Eze donated $800,000 for the constructing of two primary schools in Yirol and Rumbek communities in central South Sudan.

Back here in his fatherland (Nigeria), Eze’s bold steps in contributing to the educational system can never be over emphasized. Among others, Prince Eze donated $500,000 to Nwafor Orizu College of Education Nsugbe (NOCEN), a Nigerian tertiary institution located in Anambra State, for the construction of a student hostel within the campus.

During a ceremony to handover the money to the management of the school, Eze said he made the donation to provide relief to students of the school, many of whom have been compelled to live many kilometers away from the campus because of a protracted accommodation crisis facing the students.

Of the $500,000 he donated, Prince Eze said $350,000 was earmarked for building a new student hostel, while $150,000 will be used to create a feeding programme to ensure that destitute students at the school have access to food. This gesture has indeed aided the school and students through earning a conducing environment for learning.

Recalled, when need arises for well-meaning individuals in Nigeria to come to the rescue of those affected by insurgency, Eze was among those that contributed huge for the relief materials for the victims of Boko Haram insurgencies when it earlier started. For his love for humanity and deep feelings for the vulnerable and displaced, Prince Author Eze donated the sum of $800,000 at a fundraiser in Abuja.

Certainly, Nigeria’s health sector is one aspect of the nation’s life that over the years has experienced tremendous setbacks if compared to even some of the African countries. Despite effort by the government, it appears that vital aspect of the nation’s health sector requires assistance from organisations and well-meaning individuals. In the light of this, Prince Eze singlehandedly built a medical research unit for the Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

In expression of his love for God’s work and youth’s empowerment, Eze in 2013 donated $12 million for the construction of St. Stephen’s Anglican Deanery and Youth Development Center in Otuoke, Bayelsa State.

Popular among sport lovers and fans can easily recall, Prince Arthur Eze gave N25 million of the total funds raised for the ‘Russia 2018’ FIFA World Cup in 2018. This has no doubt shown his desire to ensure Nigeria had a wonderful turnout at Russia.

In the recent past, Prince Eze donated over $6 million (N1 billion) to flood relief efforts in Nigeria, apart from those other causes.

To make this cause expanded, Eze started the non-governmental organization (NGO) called Prince Arthur Eze Philanthropy and Empowerment International to drive his philanthropic activities. The NGO was started in 2014 and its mission is to set up an organized structure and consolidated channels of empowerment and philanthropy. The organization’s motto is to celebrate prosperity with philanthropy and to empower humanity with generosity.

Indeed, in the area of philanthropy, Prince Eze is second to none. No wonder, seen around his houses at all times are lineup of people who lurk around to either receive alms or get one favour or the other from him. This is in addition to his Prince Arthur Eze Foundation, which has given hope to so many hopeless Nigerians.