Helping Orphans is all Inclusive Mandate – Amb. Majidadi

The National President of Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA), Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi reiterates the call on people and mostly the influential individuals in our society to make the habit of visiting orphanage homes and helping the needy as a mandate.

Speaking to Capitalwatch Media during 2020 AITA’s visit at the City of Refuge Orphanage, Durumi Abuja, Amb. Majidadi said orphans should be considered as any other children by showing of love and meeting their needs.

“Children are gifts from God, and for those that found themselves in situation where their parents are late or they abandoned them, it is our responsibility to show them love, visit them and help in whatever way we can to ensure they have food, shelter, sound healthcare and opportunity to acquire education as every other children.”

“As a religious country, whether you are a Muslim or Christian, our faiths teaches us to take care of orphans and widows which by doing that we are attracting the blessing of the Almighty and giving home to the hopeless.”

Being it yearly visits, AITA as an Abuja based anti-corruption NGO extend its 2020 humanitarian outreach to City of Refuge Orphanage in Durumi, where food items that includes bags of rice, semobita, palm oil, Cattons of Indomie, milk, milo, sugar, tubers of yam, etc were given for the children.
The National President also makes cash donations to the children who were full of joy and happiness seen through the smiles on their faces.

In his response to the kind gesture, the proprietor of the orphanage, Mr Darlington Frank appreciates AITA and the National President for identifying with the orphans and prayed for God’s reward and blessing to AITA and the entourage.

Ambassador Majidadi in his last address encouraged the orphans to believe in God and rest assured that without their parents, the purpose for which God created them would not go void but it will be fulfilled in their life as long as they remained hopeful, determined and reliance to the Almighty.

The event was crown with songs and dances which makes the children feel loved and cared for despite the situation they found themselves.


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