How Nigeria can Heal from Effects of COVID-19 – Amb. Majidadi

COVID-19 came and is still ravaging the world which Nigeria is not an exception. How can you describe the effects of the disease on Nigeria?

Ans: Well, I will not say COVID-19 is not real; it is real and so far the government has done it best and still doing well in implementing the necessary measures to curtailing the spread of disease and treatment of the infected people.
But let me say this, COVID-19 is not what Nigerians consider a problem. As far as Nigerian citizens are concern, they have survived many diseases before the coming of COVID-19.

You can bear me witness that immediately after the lockdown, Nigerians came out in pursuit of their daily manners regardless of the tensions been raised by the government on the risks of disobeying the self-protective and prevention guidelines.

With this, I can assure you that what is a problem to Nigerians now is how to survive the economic hardships and not even the disease.

So, the effect of the disease on Nigeria is just how it has prevented their freedom of movement and doing their day today activities and businesses.

The government is in the fore front in this battle against COVID-19. How can you rate the role played by both the federal government and states?

Ans: It depends on which kind of role. In the case of the federal government, we all have seen and attest to the fact that the federal government has been on top of the situation in making different kind of provisions to see that the battle against the disease is a success.

These includes; the formation of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 with a daily updates and proper awareness campaigns against the spread of the disease, as well making provisions towards easing the hardships Nigerians found themselves as a result of the lockdown which Survivors Fund is one.

As an anti-corruption champion, how can you describe acts of corruption within this era of COVID-19?

Ans: I can confidently tell you that within this period of COVID-19, corruption and other corrupt practices and include embezzlement of public funds, misappropriation and so on were seen on the increase than ever.

Also to say this, some few individuals who enriched themselves during the lockdown will wish Nigeria should have remained in lockdown just for their selfish and personal gains.

It is obvious to say that corruptions that were seen going within the COVID-19 have no doubt contributed to the #EndSARS Protest.

In many states and FCT, stores where palliatives were kept were seen looted by hoodlums. How will you describe such actions and reactions?

Ans: The actions by some states governments to instead of sharing the foot items and other relieve materials provided by the federal government to be shared amongst Nigerians faced with hunger but were kept for reasons yet unknown, are wrong and condemnable.

Consequently, I can say because a hungry man is an angry man, reactions by the youth to locate the stores where palliatives were kept and loot same is justifiable. We all know that if those palliatives were shared accordingly, we wouldn’t be here talking about looting of palliatives.

Nigerians are no doubt still in the face of hardships and incessant hunger caused by effects of COVID-19. What do you think must be done to alleviate Nigerians out of such condition?

Ans: The government must provide better ways of livelihood to Nigerians and ensure it reaches the ordinary Nigerians who are more in need of help at this perilous time. I will also like to say that it were these same common Nigerians that voted this government into power with high expectations to have better lives to live.

Now, if the government failed to do the needful and now, I can tell you Nigeria should expect worst scenarios in the nearest future than what we sow during the #EndSARS protest. And if that happens, there may be no chance to remedy and surely there will be mass destructions of all kinds.

Recently, NCDC warns Nigerians to be cautious of a second face of COVID-19. What call do you have for Nigerians and even the government on this uprising?

Ans: There are different perceptions of Nigerians regarding even the first wave of COVID-19. Some people said it is China artificial or manmade disease, while others don’t even believe in the factual existence of the disease. But like I have said, Nigerians have survived many other diseases before and even now over the first wave of the disease.

By these facts, I don’t think any second wave of COVID-19 would be a threat to us; however taking precautionary measures are necessary and paramount.

On this regard, the observance of NCDC preventive measures that include; avoidance of mass gatherings, washing of hands with soap and water, maintenance social distancing, wearing of face marks and others are good and important in order for us to win against any wave of the pandemic and other related diseases.


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