NACTOMORAS Targets Thousands Jobs Creation – Comr Salisu

Comrade Salisu Muktar is the ‘Bulama’ of Uke Kingdom and the Chairman Nasarawa State branch of the National Commercial Tricycle, Motor Cycle Owners and Riders Association [NACTOMORAS]. During an exclusive interview with Capitalwatch Media, Muktar narrated what NACTOMORAS has done and is doing in tackling unemployment in Nigeria.

Can You Tell Us Some Of The Activities Of Tricycle Cycle Rider In Abuja Metropolis?

Ans: The Tricycle rider also known as Keke- Napep, are doing a great job to the entire public, not only in Abuja and Nasarawa but across the country. The association has over fifteen thousand registered members which are well recognized by the government because of its peaceful activities rendered to the public.

The association is proud to say it has employ over ten thousand unemployed youths in the country,
“We have absorbed graduates in their numbers and we are giving them tricycles, cars, in order to keep them off crime on the streets”. What we do is that we negotiate with the owners on a subsidize price and empower them to pay in two years as hired purchase.

The body also ensures that it regulates the activities of its members in line with government directives as regards to COVID-19 pandemic currently on ground. We do ensure all members pay their tax while in turn, we remit to government.

Would you say that, president Muhammadu Buhari led Administration has given your association the desire support needed to deliver on your mandate as a body?

Ans: My relationship with Mr. President is cordial, reason is that we have a legal backing to operate at the federal, state and local governments which that alone have clearly show his support for our services to the public.

Government knows the importance of our services to its teeming citizens, they are aware that taxis, buses cannot be everywhere, therefore the need for our services was necessary as partners in progress. God knows that myself and few others have render selfless service to this body and that is why am reaping mine with blessings from every angle. Everywhere government is we ensure full support to build our dear country, so our association is not partisan but to go hand in hand with every government that is on board. I have always protected the interest of government first for the sake of my member.

How Do You Want Government To Improve And Support Your Association?

Ans: The Government should as a matter of urgent importance support the association with tricycle, cars, at subsidize rate in order to assist more youths who are graduates but unemployed and are willing to join the association.

Most of our keke napep are bought by individuals, this riders have to struggle had before completing their payment, someone years other one year two months which ias on the higher side, but if government can supply the association in large quantity and at subsidize amount, I assure you the riders can pay the money in one year and sustain himself as a means of his lively hood.

Therefore it is my passionate appeal to president Muhammadu Buhari to consider our plea and request to assist with as many as he can so as to better others too. Thousands of youth needs our help but the keke are few and limited, it is our desire to take millions of unemployed youth on the street and that have been our focus.

Sir, You Are Recently Crown With A Royalty Title In Uke Kingdom Known As Bulama Of Uke Kingdom, How Do You Cope With Your Office Work?
Ans: The title given to me by YAKANAJEN UKE His Royal Majesty All.Ahmed Abdulahi Hassan was based on my tract recode and activities as a true son of the soul. He said I deserve to be crown due to my self-esteem and total services to the entire humanity. To me it’s God’s will not mine. I never thought I will be recognized for royalty position in Uke kingdom. This leadership came with so many responsibilities, people look up to me for one think or the other. Something with royalty demands my attention and time so as to show good example to the younger ones. The people at the grassroots look up to me to deliver on my mandate just as the saying goes “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

Been the “Bulama of Uke” which is the role of ‘mai angwa’, I stand to discharge all my duties when necessary. Am playing my role as a leader and I ensure I carry everybody in order to justify the confidence repose on me. I stand to be corrected if I go wrong but my position remains sacrosanct with the kingdom traditions. I was given this title base on my profiling and antecedence which tally with my character and disposition to so many things.

One of my key responsibilities is to help the grass root people, uplift their standard of living and to ensure support base on community needs. I have made up my mind that whenever I will bring any achievement to the entire people of Uke Kingdom, my first point of consultation is my king. I commend the leadership style of my king for his exemplary role he play as a royal father to all, I promise allegiance to him and my entire kinsmen for their confidence in me and will ensure I sustain the process for generations to come.

What Are Some Of Your Achievement As NACTOMORA Chairman Nasarawa State And Yet Discipline Officer II At The National Level?

Ans: My achievements as chairman and as nation discipline officer are many, I started this organization last four years and I think we have recorded tremendous growth in membership and in times of coverage, I mean our area of rich, better still destination wise. When I was first given my appointment as a branch chairman in Abuja, I started gradually and my work began to get acceptance from people, I was ask to head nyanya, karu jikoyi area. Haven seen my hand work on those areas, my national chairman said go to nasarawa state and develop that axis and I obliged to do so.

Shortly after, I was called by the board of trustee BOT to serve the association as the national discipline officer II base on my hard work. I succeeded where others failed and am grateful to my predecessors for their confidence in me and I thank God I dint disappoint them all the while.

Let me drop this cheering news to you, despite other duties I shoulder, I am now appointed head of operation Nyanya Terminal Park. I think it’s not by my wisdom any more but I think people knows what I can do with the help of God that is why am placed in those positions. My philosophy in life is “keep abreast with the norms and values of the society as it concern social justice, peace and development for the whole people base on standard”.

I am the unit chairman of national association of road transport union workers NARTUW Nyanya unit terminal, been the unit chairman of the association added more responsibility to my office. All this positions am given, I never struggle nor fought to occupy them but all thanks to God that people see me doing my best. I have promised myself one thing and that is to bring people close to me so we could work hand in hand for the progress and oneness of the association.

Occupying All Those Offices Comes With Big Challenges: Could You Enumerate Some?

Ans: You know, every responsibility comes with its challenges and mine is not different , administration is all about planning , once I have my schedules for the month , I keep to them and I try as much as possible not to allow distractions come my way. Working with people under me has always made the work easy. I must tell you that I achieve all this true team work.

We are seriously challenged due to short availability in supply of motor cycles, cars and tricycles for our members. I am deeply saddened with the way our riders are given this tricycles, motor cycle and cars at higher purchase rate by some individuals who own it. Youths will come begging for job, when I decline that we have tricycle at higher rate by the owners and we are not willing to stress them, some of them pike offence thinking we are not ready to help them but in the true sense of it, I was fighting for their interest to get it at subsidize amount so they could pay the owner and save for themselves too and at the end the tricycle will sustain them and family for long as a result of their hard work. So we are short of motor cycle, tricycles and cars for our members. Government can help us in order for us to help them too.

Part of your job is mostly with the youths; what is your advice to them?

Ans: I always tell them to protect the interest of their customers first before any other thing. As the saying goes, customers are always right. Without them none of us will be seen in this office and on the road, therefore they should accord them the desire respect needed to keep both side going. They should ensure the guide this business jealously since is their office and their means of survival. Today most pay their dues to government and obey the rules on the road. Keeping integrity has been my point of order to them is, “no one knows tomorrow”. So my word to them is to always trade with caution so as not to raise dust.

How Do You See Yourself In The Next Three Years Piloting This Association?

Ans: Well, I wish to see myself at the top to achieve those good dreams I have for the association. One day I will make a means for government to supply, tricycles and cars to this noble organization at a subsidize rate so that the unemployed willing to join should have a means of survival since job are hard to come by. If I eventually become the national chairman, I will do a lot in the area of development through empowerment in collaboration with the federal government to assist our members. I will regulate the system to suite customers and member for comfort ability.