Foods you should eat for breakfast

Globally, breakfast is known as the meal eaten in the morning after a long break from food at night.

Proper breakfast is eaten around 7:00 am to 10:00 am and people prefer having light food meal for breakfast and heavy food for dinner.

Some would just go for bread and tea or cornflakes and sometimes just tea or coffee for breakfast.

My question is why would you go have tea or coffee for breakfast when you have taken a break of about eight hours from food at night?

And when you wake up, you take tea or coffee and start work for the day. For me, that isn’t fair at all, that’s starvation.

You should go for just tea or coffee if only you are watching your weight, if not, why would you go for just tea or coffee for breakfast.

If you are not watching your weight, you can have a semi-heavy food at breakfast, light food at lunch and heavy food for dinner; that’s if you want to gain more bodyweight.



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