Interfering States Affairs by NASS Erroneous – Amb. Majidadi

The national president of Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability, Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi called on the national assembly members to as matter of interest concentrate in their primary responsibility of making laws towards making life better for Nigerians and stop interfering into affairs of states.

Amb. Majidadi speaking through media assistant, Deshi Munkuwe in his Abuja office expresses his dissatisfaction over the manner in which members of the national assembly instead of making laws would love to interfere in the affairs of states for their selfish aggrandizement.

“We in AITA have deem it feet to make this call considering the tensions in some states like; Imo, Oyo, Abia and others where members of the national assembly were in fore front of making comments that have and are adding fuel to the crisis in the affected areas.

“AITA is no doubt crown with the sole responsibility to fight corruption, make peace and of course caution every acts or comments by leaders towards causing or adding fire to existing crisis even if are political, as that will do more harm than good for us as a country.”
“The constitution has clearly stated the division of responsibility among the three organs of government which includes; the executive, legislature and judiciary. It is only by acting according to what the constitution stipulates for each organ of government that we can grow as a nation.”

Amb. Majidadi who is a veteran politician, anti-corruption champion, promoter of peace and of course an advocate of democracy call on politicians and other public office holder to stop making comments and acts that are liable to cause tension in states and Nigeria at large.


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