POLITICS 2023: Group canvasses support for former NOA DG Omeri

As 2023 political activities continue to gather momentum, no fewer than 120 ethnic groups in Nasarawa South Senatorial District have drummed support for the former Director General of National Orientation Agency, NOA, Mr.

Mike Omeri to represent the district at the red chamber.

Speaking to CAPITAL POST shortly after a joint meeting of leaders of various groups, they gave reason for canvassing support for the former Director General of the National Orientation Agency because of his tremendous contribution when he was in office.

Comrade Ibrahim Muhammed Momo described, Mr. Omeri as man with quality leadership style of inclusiveness.

He said: “Let me on behalf of all other group leaders who formed this movement enumerated few achievements recorded by our hero as follows: provision of job opportunity to our teeming youth when he was, DG NOA among many contributions to the growth and development of Nasarawa South and the State in general.

“Based on this reason, we deem it necessary to reciprocate all the good things he has done to youth and women in Senatorial District.

Momo said that there is no better time for the youth in Southern part of the state than now to call on, Omeri to come and serve them at the red chamber.

“To be honest with you Mr. Journalist this is our own decision, our project and above all our idea.

When answering questions wether they were bankrolled to initiate such agenda, Momo denied ever met with, Omeri eye ball to eye ball in his life.

“I told you in the past that, this project is like minded project who assess performance of every politicians and we find out that, Omeri came out with a clean slate.

The group prayed that the former DG would accept their proposal so that it will not resort to litigation.

“I don’t pray for that not withstanding any attempt to resist this we will be left with no option that to institute litigation against him seeking court to compel him to accept our proposal period.



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