Politicians behind terrorism in Nigeria – Senator Ndume

Senate Committee Chairman on Army and Senator representing Borno South Senatorial district, Ali Ndume said politicians are behind terrorism and all forms of criminality in Nigeria.

He said, it is worse that political leaders pays lip service to the insecurity they caused in order to cover up their misgovernance, while lamenting that over 10,000 of his constituents have been chased to Niger Republic, a poor country where over 120, 000 had been taking refuge in the last six years.

According to him, Nigerians are more divided now than before, while political leaders are not doing anything than stoking embers of discord and instigating the people against each other.

Senator Ndume spoke as Chairman of the Press Week of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, FCT Chapter on Thursday.

Speaking through a virtual conference on the notion of State Police, the lawmaker ruled out the idea saying governors of States will misuse them against their citizens.

He suggested reprofessionalising the Police to enable them have capacity to respond to contemporary security issues.

He said: “As the lead agency in internal seeurity, the task of rolling back this unacceptable security tide rests primarily With us.”

“Hence, there is no better time for us to re-order our policing vision, re-evaluate our strategies, close the trust gap between us and the citizens and re-position the Police institution all with a view to re-energising our crime fighting orientation.

The conference is meant to critically engage all the issues.

“The acting IG indicated that his policing .ission shall be to restore police primacy and bequeat to the nation a modernised, citizen-led, rule of law-guided, and professional Police Force that Nigerians can truly trust and depend on to achieve the Policing Mandate enshrined in Sections 4 and 5 of the Nigeria Police Act, 2020.”



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