Horror, anguish as terror Herdsmen slaughter scores in Benue

Over 36 people have been reportedly butchered by the terror Fulani herdsmen in Shikaan Mbagena Kpav, Katsina Ala of Benue State.

A twitter user with the name @Chiefterhemba, who shared most of the horrific pictures of the attack was asking what their parents have done wrong that they have not been able to correct.

He asked what their brothers and sisters have done wrong to warrant such heartless and inhuman punishment by the marauding herders.

He said, “What have our parents done wrong that they haven’t been able to correct?

“What have our brothers & sisters done wrong that they deserve such heartless and inhuman deaths as purnishment?

“What have we done wrong that the govt and law enforcement agency have left us to our fate?

Since the attack, while local authorities said at least 100 bodies were recovered from some villages, a witness from one of the affected villages said he counted 70 dead bodies in the area he lived, while another man said over 150 people were killed in his locality.