How AITA Uncover Fraud of Over N31 Million by Native Doctor

Al-mushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA), an Abuja based non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit organization has uncovered and exposed Alhaji Ibrahim Yahuza aka BBC (a native doctor) in Kurgwi of Quaanpan Local Government Area of Plateau State who applied native intelligence and defrauded Suleiman Dalhatu (his victim) of the tune of thirty one million, three hundred and sixty one thousand naira (N31, 361, 000.00).
In a press statement signed by AITA national president Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi and made available to Capitalwatch Media, AITA disclosed how Yahuza who specializes in defrauding people through native intelligence brainwashed Dalhatu to a point of obtaining money as mentioned above under false claims and pretense detailed as follows:

“A petition was submitted to AITA by Mr. Suleiman Dalhatu of behind Lafia Central Mosque, Lafia, Nasarawa State (whom we hereinafter refer to as the petitioner) against Alhaji Ibrahim Yahuza aka BBC on allegations bordering on obtaining money under false pretense and fraud (419).
Our petitioner in his petition stated that, “sometime in 2019 while listening to the radio station Nasarawa Broadcasting Service (NBS), the petitioner heard of an advertisement of a native/herbal medicine man that specializes in herbal medicine and he was not feeling fine at the time so he traced the man to his residence at Kurgwi close to Shendam in Nasarawa State.

On reaching the residence of Ibrahim Yahuza, the petitioner spoke to him about his health problems and after he had finished, he was told by the man that his problems were spiritual and that someone was after his life spiritually. He further said that he cannot give the petitioner any medicine or charms unless he follows the petitioner to remove the ones already planted in his house by his enemies.

Two days later, he and one of his boys Adamu by name came to the petitioner’s house and dug out a charm from the petitioner’s compound at his house behind Central Mosque Lafia and after showing the charms to the petitioner, told him to come and get a stronger charm from to bury in his house that will protect me.
The petitioner then suggested that the charm be buried at his new house along Government House Road, Bukan Hari, Lafia because he was planning to pack out of his current house and move there. Ibrahim Yahuza came to the petitioner’s new house and planted the charm after which he collected the sum of N 50,000.00 (Fifty thousand naira) cash from the petitioner as payment, he also asked the petitioner to come to his house for another round of fortification.

After this, the petitioner went to his house and he gave the petitioner some herbs to use for drinking and bathe with twice a day for three days and warned him not to tell anybody about it.
After taking the herbs as instructed, the petitioner almost instantly became restless and was acting off almost mad and refused contact with anybody unless by instruction from Alhaji Ibrahim Yahuza, he then asked the petitioner to come for another charm and asked him to pay N2000 (Two thousand naira) cash for spiritual perfume and N1700 (one thousand seven hundred naira) only for sewing of spiritual cloth, he asked him to bath with the cloth on and it will fall to the ground and he should pick the cloth up and go and dump it at the burial ground in the night.

The petitioner still didn’t feel okay after this and complained to him, he further asked the petitioner to come for more medicine which he complied with, when the petitioner went to Ibrahim Yahuza’s residence he was a drink which looked like canned “Schweppes” to drink, after drinking it he was given a ring to put on and go to the bush with his boy named Nokia, find an anthill and tell the anthill all his problems.

He did as he asked and after he had spoken to the anthill, he heard it speak back in the voice of an old woman and the voice asked him to pay N1,000,000.00 (one million naira) only into the account of Alh. Ibrahim Yahuza which he did. This according to the voice was to enable him do the necessary sacrifices for the petitioner to get favor and promote his business to make him one of the richest men in the world like Dangote.

From here onwards the petitioner paid a total of N12, 000, 000.00 (Twelve million naira) in cash on different occasions for different purposes to Alh. Ibrahim Yahuza, he even ran out of money and was asked to sell his house which he did for N8, 000, 000.00 (eight million naira) against N15, 000, 000.00 (Fifteen million naira) which was the actual worth of the property as at the time.

The petitioner transferred all this money to him and he said he will use it to build 4 mosques which will be used to be praying for the petitioner to the spirits who will in turn give the petitioner dollars and make him one of the richest men in the world. To prove this he gave the petitioner a $100 (one hundred dollars) bill which he changed and it was not fake dollars. Attached herein are the petitioner’s bank statements on his Zenith Bank account and that of his Stanbic Bank account to show all the transfers he made to different Ibrahim Yahuza’s account number.

Finally someone called the petitioner through a new phone contact claiming to be a spirit and directed him to leave Lafia and move to the far North to protect his life and said he will die if he did not comply. The petitioner has been through Zamfara State to Katsina and down to Kano where he currently is at the moment.
Meanwhile, Alhaji Ibrahim Yahuza on the other hand has been using the petitoner’s money to purchase houses, lands and exotic cars and has continued to defraud other people under the same guise.

AITA on receiving the complaint switched into action involving its legal unit and also the investigative/intelligence unit of AITA whom with the corporation of the Nigeria police at force headquarters down to police commands in Jos and Lafia through the states’ criminal investigation departments located and arrested Alhaji Ibrahim Yahuza aka BBC as investigation is ongoing.” It stated.

In its attempt to caution and masses and prevent further victims of frauds, AITA called on the general public to always believe in God for their needs and also to desist desires for quick money rather they should work hard to earn legitimate wealth as defrauders are out there on the increase.

AITA equally encouraged citizens to report such people of bad intentions and acts to the relevant authorities as AITA who is exclusively dedicated by its mandate to ensure transparency and accountability in both public and private institutions, checkmate the excesses of citizen’s conduct with the aim of providing a dynamic environment, based on the principle of natural justice, equity and good conscience in Nigeria and beyond for redress and prosecution.


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