Nigeria @61: Amb. Majidadi calls for Unity of Purpose

By Deshi Munkuwe

The National President of Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA), Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi called on Nigerians to regardless of their challenges, differences ensure they unit with a common focus and overarching goal to make Nigeria greater than it is.

In his independence goodwill message, Amb. Majidadi said Nigeria is a unique country blessed with wonderful people from every section that the whole world has recognized and are impacting positively to the progress of the globe in all aspects of human development and technological advancements.

“In Nigeria, we have both human and mineral resources that every nation of the world should envy Nigeria and not for us to relay on foreign countries for aids.”

“Our problems includes poor management of resources and self-centeredness by some leaders whose bad leadership has caused us setbacks and denied Nigerians access to due evidence of democracy.” Majidadi stated.

The veteran anti-corruption champion further called on the current administration of President Mohammadu Buhari to intensify in his fight against corruption as there is more to be done in killing corruption in Nigeria that has almost become a norm in both public private institutions.

“President Buhari should look more into the fight against corruption and also do everything within his power to manage the insecurity that has bedeviled us in Nigeria which is visible in all parts of the nation.”


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