Amb. Majidadi Objects PenCom DG’s Position, Re-iterates Support for Police Exit from Scheme

Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi, the National President of Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA) who is also the Publisher of Capitalwatch Media, a monthly magazine publication in Abuja objects in strong terms the position of the National Pension (PenCom) DG; Mrs Aisha Dahir-Umar on the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS).

Speaking to Capitalwatch Mrdia reporter today, Amb. Majidadi said it is worrisome when people in high positions allows their selfish interests to affect the reality of issues on ground and the interests of the people.

“My heart blinds when I yet came across the statement by Aisha Dahir-Umar, the Director General of National Pension, PenCom saying Police has no reason to exit the Contributory Pension Scheme.”

“I believe whatever policy the government introduced is for the benefit of the citizens, but when such policy failed to achieve it purpose and the supposed beneficiaries are saying no to it, why is it difficult for the authority to simply let the will of the people directly affected by the policy to prevail, why, why, why?” Majidadi Lamented.

“As beautiful as the scheme is claimed to be, the reality on ground is obviously unfavorable, unfortunate and disastrous to the police. As advocates of the masses which police forms a vital part, AITA shall fight with all within our powers till police are out of this Scheme.”

Ambassador Majidadi further revealed how close he is to both retired and serving Nigeria Police officers and how confidential he can state that the scheme have demoralized many who served the country faithfully and their lives after retirement became shattered.

“The Nigeria Police is so precious and dear to Nigerians and they must be treated with respect and dignity by increasing their salaries, welfare and of most urgent be removed out of the Contributory Pension Scheme.” He ended.


Capitalwatch Media is a Monthly Magazine Publication of DE-AITA of DE-AITA Communication LTD.

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