Don’t Be Scared Of Me, Says Sen. Abdullahi Adamu Tells APC Members

The adopted consensus candidate for National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu, yesterday said members of the party should not be scared of him.

He, however, said he would stand by the truth when party leaders, including governors or members, go wrong.

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He said leading APC requires more wisdom than strength. The former Nasarawa State governor pledged to be courteous to all.

Adamu, who spoke in Hausa in an interview with the Voice of America (VOA), said he owed his consensus choice to God.

He said: “Those that say that they are afraid of me cannot be because they are humans like me. I have blood running through my veins. I use the toilet like anyone else. I know joy and pains like anyone, so that idea of being scared because I want to stand for the truth is out of it.”

He said his parents trained him to stand for the truth and he will not waiver.

Adamu said: “My name is Abdullahi Adamu and I was well brought up by parents who loved their children. God brought me where I am today after I have gone through a lot in life.

“So, on the aspect of being truthful, it is good one holds on to the truth because it does not just come to a person but it is bred. My parents taught me to stand for the truth in all that I do and you will always get the result of being truthful.

“If I see anyone doing wrong, I will tell him what he is doing is wrong. Even if he is bigger than I am, I will tell him the same way that I would tell an Abdullahi, a Michael or a Cecilia. This is what you find in anyone that is well brought up and reasonable. I can hear people talking but all I know is that I will stand by the truth in all that I do.

“So, it is better that I am accused of doing something that is in line with the truth than otherwise saying that I cheat on people, or steal public funds, or that. God forbid.

“When it comes to telling people the truth when they do wrong, I will say it from now till eternity because I am aware. With my reasoning intact, what will stop me from saying the truth?

“But the way I could tell him might be different from the way someone else will tell it, it all depends on the manner of approach. God gave us the reasoning and the way to speak in anger or in a gentle way and you can decide to choose whatever way you want to act.”

Adamu promised to be courteous and respectful in dealing with all party members.

He added: “When it comes to speaking the truth I will say the truth to a governor or a leader the same way I tell a poor man but the fact is that a governor is a governor so I just have to know how to speak to him.

“So, how you deal with a person is important to God because God made him who he is and not you. Whoever he is, a Local Government Area chairman, a governor or a President or if he is none of that, you just have to know how to behave in this life.”

He gave insights into what might have led to his choice by President Muhammadu Buhari and the governors.

He said: “Whether day or night, I also have blood running through my veins but there might be some things you might be told to do and you do better than me because of your strength and vitality.

“But no one is talking about wrestling or cutting something like a thief. That is not what they are looking for. They are looking for someone who is wise and with reasoning; that knows what he is doing that can handle the problem troubling the people.

“It is all about wisdom and not strength. Strength is good but that is not what they are looking out for in the leadership of the APC.”

Adamu thanked God for lifting him up in life.

He said: “As I am, even if I leave the world today, Alhamdulillah. What is happening right now is like the tale of co-wives that won’t let their husband sleep. That is what we are dealing with at the moment.

“There is nothing that anyone can do when God does not permit it and the person that they are all saying he did this or that has not even done anything of that nature but I thank God.

“I am not concerned with what people hear or do not hear, everyone has the right to hear whatever he wants to hear or see what he wants to see but as for us, we thank God.”



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