Why I disguise as mad man to bless people, by De General

NIGERIAN skit maker, Sunday Joshua Martins, popularly known as De General has explained why he has decided to disguise himself as a mad man to bless people on the street.

The funny skit maker, in some of his recent videos on Instagram, is disguised as a mad man begging for alms from strangers on the street but being filmed from afar. He reveals himself as soon as any stranger offers to help him and surprises anyone with generous motives with up to N100,000.

Revealing the reason behind this gesture in an exclusive chat with The Nation, he said “First of all I am a giver, I love helping people a lot. I am kind and eighty percent of the people that watch my skits are those that made me who I am and they don’t even have what I have so I was looking for a way to give back to the street instead of going to one church or the other to start.”

Continuing, he said, “So, I said how do I give back to the street? How do I give it to people that are worth this thing? And the whole concept came to my head that I should just go around pretending to be a poor homeless man to see genuine good people that can reward me with anything they have, even if they did not give me money, maybe their kind words or the way they address me then I can reward them and tell them by so doing if other persons get to watch it they’ll be wowed and know that it pays to be good and one way or the other I’m affecting their lives because they will see themselves doing good for no reason.”

In his submission, De General said his aim is to affect the world positively because he believes that if everybody is good, there won’t be so much crisis. He also said he hopes to start giving N1 million after starting with N50,000.



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