2023: Amb. Majidadi Calls On VGN To Brace Up, Bags Another Award.

By Abel Ruth

His Excellency, Amb.Aminu A. Majidadi  National President/CEO  Al-Mushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability and Publisher Capitalwatch Media has bagged an Outstanding Service Award from the Vigilante Group of Nigeria[VGN] in recognition of his contributions to the  development of the society; as well as his  impact in  internal security, community safety as well as purposeful leadership. The award presentation was made  at the AITA’s head office Abuja on Thursday, 3rd November 2022.

Presenting the aw  ard, the Commander General Dr. Usman Mohammed Jahum Fsi who was represented by the Deputy Commander General in charge of special duties and leader of delegation Adaji Ibrahim, commended the efforts of AITA National President who has been committing  his resources  in aiding the fight against crime and criminality.

Amb. Majidadi in response said he humbly appreciated the VGN for their courtesy visit and finding him worthy of the award. He added that hopefully, their next meeting would be to discuss possible areas of collaboration between Capitalwatch Media and the Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN).

The Vigilante Week was held earlier on  October  29 2022 at Velodrome MKO Abiola Stadium, Abuja themed Small Arms and Light Weapons Proliferation and Its Threat to Nigeria’s Internal Security.

Amb. Majidadi who was invited to the event as guest of honor and award recipient in  his speech, at the occasion  stated that “I feel greatly honored  to be a special guest on this great event and gathering, which is to mark the week of a unique event: the Vigilante Group of Nigeria’s [VGN]  to mark its annual week. Like the previous ones, this year’s event is to enlighten the public on the need to further support the law enforcement agencies on the fight against crimes and criminality in the country”.

He further stated that “For the past couple of years the country has been facing the challenges of kidnapping, cattle rustling, armed robbery, hostage taking, communal skirmishes as a result of the proliferation of firearms, especially among the civil populace. It is quite clear and certain that these crimes and criminalities cannot be left for our traditional law enforcement agencies to handle. They have been doing their very best, and they are no doubt on top of the situation”.

Amb Majidadi hailed and commended the VGN for being at all levels of the society, especially at the grassroots taking the fight against banditry, kidnapping, robbery and other vices to the grassroots. “Like our traditional law enforcements agencies. I must commend you for maintaining tremendous discipline in the face of limited resources especially funds to execute your assignments. I commend you to do more of your great work to the nation. With the 2023 national elections virtually around the corner, the nation is expecting more from you”.

“Your roles in working hand in hand with the Police, the Military, and other security agencies in ensuring very successful polls become quite imperative. As Security Body close to the grassroots, you are in the best position to fish out troublemakers, those that might be used to disrupt our hard earned democracy. Majidadi added.

In a speech delivered by Brig-Gen SA Songonuga on behalf of the Commander General of Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) Usman Muhammad Jahun fsi, PHD, stating the negative impacts of small and light weapons proliferation on Nigeria’s internal security and proffering likeable solutions regarding the matter at hand, the commander general opined that “The illegal possession of firearms will continue to promote various forms of crimes, fuel violent conflicts promote militancy and escalate acts of terrorism, thereby undermining the country’s peace and development. Locally manufactured arms which are normally fabricated in small-scale factories, without legal permits, contribute to a large percentage of arms in circulation”.

“This has negatively impacted Nigeria’s internal security and international standing, as Nigeria is now designated the third most impacted by terrorism, according to recent reports. Songonuga listed initiatives that should be taken by the government towards the fight stop the proliferation of SALW”.

“Therefore, to build peace and its sustainability the effective control of arms and ammunitions is essential.” He ended


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