I Will Continue To Fight Relentlessly Against Corruption – Amb. Aminu Majidadi

By Abel Ruth

Today being 9th December 2022, this is marked as International Anti-Corruption day, His Excellency, Amb. Aminu Abubakar Majidadi, National president/C.E.O Al-Mushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA), a multiple award winner for his selfless humanitarian service, an enthusiastic philanthropist, an anticorruption crusader in an interview with Capital watch media says that this day was set aside every year to raise awareness and inspire us to stay away from corruption he has dedicated his life to fighting corruption and with the help of Allah, there is no going back on that. He added that in his line of duty amid threats he will continue to fight relentlessly against corruption, he has envisaged a corruption free and developed country. “We have a country full of resources that can curb hunger and security but corruption is our major problem which is why this country is in this state. In a country with about 211.4 million as population and still growing, fighting corruption is not a one man job therefore, I urge all politicians, government agencies, Parastatals and individuals most especially youths to practice transparency and accountability. Let us liberate ourselves from this bondage Corruption for the betterment of the country, our future and the generation to come, Happy Anti-Corruption Day”.



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