By Danusa Ocholi

Honour they say should be given to who deserves. This applies to the personality of His Excellency, Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi  as  one  personality when mentioned, what comes to mind is a hero in  the fight against corruption,  a seasoned humanitarian, enthusiastic philanthropist, advocate of justice, fairness, transparency and accountability and a Publisher .At the Con  ference Hall of  the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Headquarters in Abuja, on Wednesday, January 25, Ambassador Majidadi was honoured by journalists at  the Radio House as the climax of their NUJ week 2023.In the event that attracted hundreds of politicians, scholars and journalists from all walks of life, Ambassador Majidadi was honoured for his dogged fight against corruption, and for his unrivalled commitment to philanthropy.

CEO/ National President of Al-Mushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA) and Publisher Capitalwatch Media Amb. Aminu A. Majidadi received the award from the Men of the Pen Profession in an elaborate ceremony held at Radio House, Abuja.

The award’s plaque was received by the Personal Assistant to the Ambassador, Mrs Silvan Aminu Majidadi hailed the journalists for the honour and recognition bequeathed on her boss. The PA added that the honour will no doubt spur her boss to continue the   fight against corruption and other ills of the society.

“My boss commitment to fight for a free and egalitarian society will not be compromised” she added.

On the whole, Amb. Majidadi is an individual who aside his contribution in the fight against corruption is a personality that is passionate about impacting and touching the lives of people mostly the less privileged and youths. Earlier the FRCN Chapel Chairman,  Mrs. Sandra Udeike in nominating Ambassador Majidadi for the award said: “The Nigerian Union of Journalists[NUJ] appreciates  your outstanding disposition as a humanitarian  and a crusader  against corruption in Nigeria .This is a rare quality among millions of Nigerians. In our simple way to encourage  and inspire millions of Nigerians, we hereby nominate you to receive our NUJ outstanding personality of the year 2022 award.”






Capitalwatch Media is a Monthly Magazine Publication of DE-AITA of DE-AITA Communication LTD.

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