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AITA’s Submissions at the Stakeholders Engagement Towards the 4th Cycle of UN’s UPR

Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA) applauded its collaboration with the government and various ministries and agencies of government geared towards protecting human rights and rule of law.

During a stakeholders engagement on preparation of Nigeria’s national report on the 4th Cycle Universal Periodic Review (UPR) organized by Inter-Ministerial Committee, AITA said the role of NGOs in aiding the government in ensuring human rights are protected can not be over emphasized.

Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi ably represented by Deshi Munkuwe (Head Media) and Barrister Sunday Liberty (Head Legal) commended the government for such initiative in gathering factual opinions of stakeholders on the subject matter.

Speaking during the forum, Deshi Munkuwe said AITA has so far worked hand in hand with government agencies to ensure human rights are safeguarded.

“AITA has since its inception worked tirelessly in fighting for victims of human rights abuses and most importantly the right of women and children.” Deshi stated.

Deshi further gave a reference case of Fatima in Sokoto, the sixteen years old secondary school girl that a youngman from a rich family attempted to kill and finally left her with only one leg, without compensation and the culprit was moving freely.

“AITA in collaboration with few government agencies fought for Fatima and ensure her right pursued and to some extend reclaimed.”

On the other hand, Barrister Sunday Liberty said AITA has so far handled several cases of human rights abuses of the less privileged in Nigeria and ensured justices were served.

Liberty gave examples of such cases among which the case of a little boy that was illed treated by a hospital in Lagos that later ended the infant’s life. But with the intervention of AITA, the efforts in ensuring justice for the late is soon to be realized.

“In summary, AITA has fought, is fighting and will continue to fight to ensure the rights of individuals are observed and protected.”

“More so, we are urging the government to engage the NGOs like ours for further collaborations to fight all societal ills to make Nigeria a better place.” Said AITA Head Legal.

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