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RAMADAN: AMB Aminu Magidadi urge Traders to reduce prices and Muslims to seek ALLAH’s Intervention

As this year’s Ramadan enters its first week, Amb Aminu Abubakar Majidadi the national president of Al Mushahid initiative for transparency and accountability has again called on traders across the country to use the Ramadan period to lower the price of foodstuffs rather than hike them.

Speaking to newsmen at the organization headquarters the national president admonish the trader to fear ALLAH and conduct their businesses in consonance with the Islamic injunctions and consequently assist their neighbors.

He said it is worrisome to see how traders deliberately increase the prices of their goods such as grains, fruits, beverages and other condiments during Ramadan when  reverse should be the case, he therefore urge the traders to feel the pains of the ordinary people and cut down the cost of food items so as to receive ALLAH’s blessing.

Since the removal of subsidy on fuel by the present administration the prices of commodities have skyrocketed, with traders blaming inflation, the depreciation of naira against the US dollar, thus reducing the purchasing power of many Nigerians.

Ambassador Aminu Majidadi further appealed to traders not to complicate the current economic situation in the country, by creating ease to citizens and help make life comfortable for Muslims who are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

He said it is interesting the month of Ramadan is coming at a time the Christian faithful are also observing lent, which has started since February. These are two special events for the religious community in Nigeria.

The further call on the well to do in the society to help the less privilege during this holy month and prayed for the people to witness the sacred month in good health and for ALLAH to accept our prayers and sacrifice.   

He urge all Muslims to use the remaining days to seek ALLAH intervention in their affairs and make good use of the last days of the holy month.

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