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AITA Vehemently Vows to Fight the Brutal, Ferocious and Ruthless Attempted Murder of Fatima to Finish

…Our eagle eye and that of our international partners are on the matter, says AITA

The reputable Abuja Based anti-corruption NGO; Almushahid Initiative for Transparency and Accountability (AITA) has vowed to fight the brutal, ferocious and ruthless attempted murder of a sixteen year old girl by Aliyu Sanusi Umar in Sokoto till justice is granted.

In a press release signed by its national president; Ambassador Aminu Abubakar Majidadi and made available to newsmen in Abuja, AITA acknowledges receive of  details pertaining this pathetic story and are working tirelessly to see how the transparency and accountability organization is ready to fight for Fatima to an extreme logical conclusion where justice must be served.

The unfortunate story of the gruesome attempted murder of Fatima Suleiman, the sixteen year old student of Khalifa International Model School Sokoto whom on the 11th of August after she finished her NECO Senior School Certificate Examinations and also celebrated the completion of her exams along with her mates has captured the attention, concern and interest of AITA and its partners to fight for her right.

Giving details of the story, AITA in the press release stated that the alleged culprit of the act; Aliyu Sanusi Umar came to the school premises as he came to celebrate with his friends that finished their NECO examinations, while within the school, he splashed water on the petitioner and a couple of other students in the school which prompted them to report him to the school authority and he was subsequently asked to leave the premises.

“Thereafter, Fatima Suleiman then proceeded to the front of the school where she sat on a staircase (a place where she normally sat to wait for her mother who picks her from school) it was at this very moment that the said Aliyu Sanusi Umar and his friends who were driving two cars without licenses and driving in such a dangerous manner sighted the petitioner seated on the stairs and drove the car straight to where the petitioner was sitting and intentionally and maliciously crushed her leg before she could get out of the way.

“Based on the scenario, the intention of Aliyu Sanusi Umar was to commit murder if she was not fast enough to move from the stairs. The petitioner was subsequently rushed to the hospital by some good Samaritans on the scene and her parents were called to inform them, Aliyu Sanusi Umar on the other hand fled the scene driving dangerously to evade some students who were trying to apprehend him.” It added.

AITA further stated that the result of the actions of Aliyu Sanusi Umar is that the crushed leg of the petitioner was amputated in series of surgeries which have been paid for by Fatima’s family with little or no help from the family of Aliyu Sanusi Umar, rather they have been going around pulling strings in order to make sure Aliyu Sanusi Umar (who was subsequently arrested by the police, arraigned before the court and is currently on remand awaiting trial) walks away free and does not face the law for the crime he has committed, he was driving without a license and intentionally tried to run the petitioner over resulting to the condition she presently finds herself in.

Fatima Suleiman on a sick bed at Cedarcrest Hospitals Abuja.

“As it stands now, the petitioner is currently on admission at Cedarcrest Hospitals Abuja where she is scheduled for another round of operations all in an effort to try and save what is left of her leg and ultimately her life.

“Although, currently the case is being heard before His Worship Mariya Haruna Dogondaji at the Chief Magistrates Court, Arkilla, Kalambania Road, Arkilla, Sokoto State (CMC/WMK/62C/2022) where we have been informed it was transferred to after the initial court gave a very biased and unfavorable ruling and the matter was subsequently transferred to the current court for hearing de novo. We have also been informed and made aware of threats and series of intimidation being suffered by the petitioner’s family to withdraw the case or else they will be harmed themselves.” It added.

Also according to the statement, “Noteworthy, the fact is that upon arrest of Aliyu Sanusi Umar by the Police after the incident, he was immediately granted bail, a development which the petitioner’s family kicked against and he was subsequently returned to police custody before his arraignment, it is also a very well-known fact that Aliyu Sanusi Umar is a troublesome child and is always getting in trouble which every single time he does, his parents go above and beyond to make sure he goes scot free, an example is information we received that he was previously attending Iman International School where he had an issue with the management of the school, his mother was invited and she ended up slapping a staff of the school, he was later withdrawn and enrolled in Success International School where he recently completed his education.”

Aliyu Sanusi Umar in his father’s house while the victim is at the hospital.

“It is against this backdrop that as a reputable Non-Governmental Organization with the mandate to project transparency and good governance, we kindly seek for the quick intervention of our local and international partners to wade into the matter to ensure that Justice is served and the matter is not swept under the carpet as Fatima and her family have been thrown into an untold pain and hardship and her once bubbling life and bright future could be jeopardized by the actions of Aliyu Sanusi Umar and his family.

AITA in conclusion fervently warned that no individual (s) or bodies no matter how highly placed they are can further manipulate this case as it has already been written to; The Presidency, The Senate President, The Speaker House of Representatives, The Honorable Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, The Executive Governor Sokoto State, The Honorable Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice Sokoto State, The Chief Judge Sokoto State, and The Magistrate, Chief Magistrate Court, Arkilla, Kalambania Road. Others are the Human Rights Commission, relevant media organizations and all international partners of AITA for appropriate cooperation and actions.

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