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Pa Vincent Ali Ojoh passes on

Pa Vincent Ali Ojoh,  father of Mr Christopher Ali .a retired  senior civil servant with  Kogi State Government,  is dead. He passed on recently at his Idah resident at the age of 90.  A statement by his son Christopher  Alii who is currently based in  Ottawa,Ontario, Canada  described his late father  as a caring, and compassionate dad, as well as a community leader and health worker.  In his tribute he further described Pa Ali as “a gentleman, loving and caring father who gave his all to see to the education of his children. He was a religious person who never joked with catholic faith. His passion for the word of God knew no bounds as it was evident in his various contributions to the church and the  society.

He was a strong member of St. Thomas more.”

Pa Ali  is  survived by a wife, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, relations and in-laws. His internment programme begins on Thursday, May 18 at his Akanya st. residence , Idah.

He added that Pa Ali was born in April 1933 at Alome Ejule, in Ofu Local Government of Kogi State. He was the only son of his parent in the family of three. He had two sisters. Titi and Alewo both are also late. He got married to Martha R. Ojo in 1959

Education and career

Pa Ali  started his infant  one in 1942 at St. Boniface primary school Idah when the German fathers were in charge of catholic Mission in Igala and Bassa land. His first teacher was late Mr Eseke, who taught him in infant one and two in 1942 and 1943. He passed his standard six in the year 1950 and headed for his secondary education at Immaculate Conception College {ICC} Benin City in 1951. For financial reasons he could not continue, He came back to Idah, In 1952, and  was employed as a C.R.I. teacher by the Catholic Mission under reverend father delisle who was in charge of Igala Bassa land.

Pa Ali had worked under Rev. father Laroose, who was in-charge of Ibaji District as an Evangelizer for the Catholic Mission. In 1953 he was posted to Ikka, He left Idah for Ibaji with father laroose on foot. The reigning Attah then was  Attah Ameh Oboni and the District head was mall. Okutepa with nick-name {Ogbe ki maje Aiko Nadun} they cooperated with the Roman Catholic Mission in all their projects in Ibaji District.

He was the pioneer teacher in Ikka. He opened the school for the children in Ikka and Iregwum in a hut {Atakpa}. In 1953 he was posted to Ujeh to teach under late Mr. Joseph Aduku, and other teachers like Joseph Ayebone, Joseph Egbunu who late transfered his service to the Nigerian custom {both are late}.

Toward the end of 1954, he was posted to St. Boniface Primary school, Idah under late Mr. Ikedigwu who was the then headmaster.

In his quest for more opportunities, he quit teaching and travelled to Kaduna headquarters of the then Northern Region of Nigeria. in 1955, he was selected for training at the medical field Unit Training School makurd, {present day school of nursing and mid-wifery} where he trained as medical Assistant on completion, 1956, he was adsorbed and posted to Argungu Rural health Centre in the then Sokoto province of Northern Nigeria.

He worked in almost all the states in the former Northern Nigeria.

In 1961 he was posted to Koton karfi to continue with YAWS campaign.

In 1962 he was transferred to Ankpa Yaws Resurvey team.

In 1963 he was transferred to Birnin Kebbi to Join mass malaria control campaign.

In 1967 when the 12 states were created, during the civil war, he was moved to Kwara state and posted to Idah medical fied until.

In 1970, he was posted to Pategi General Hospital.

In 1972 he attended world health organization {WHO} course on malaria control in Lagos.

In 1976 when Benue state was created,  he was posted  again to Idah. In 1977 .He attended courses in malaria control techniques at the federal Malaria and vector control unit, Yaba Lagos. After the course, he was posted to Makurdi, Epidemiological unit of ministry of health to take change of Malaria control unit. He worked there with DR. Achegbulu a retired perm Sec Government House.

In 1981, as a call to duty he was posted to Abejukolo in Omala Local Government. He was the first medical personnel to be posted there.

In 1982 to 1983, he attended a Diploma course in community Health at the University of Benin. After the course, he went back epidemiological Unit Makurdi. Dr. Mrs Rosemary Abdulahi a retired director in the Federal Civil Service was heading the unit then.

In 1986 he was posted to take charge of Rural Health Centre Abocho in Bekina Local Government area. As God was always by his side, he completed his 35 years in service to the nation and retired (hale and hearty) in March 1991 as chief  community health officer.

He loved reading, listening to news and current Affairs.

His mortal life came to an end on Thursday afternoon 30th March 2023.


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