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Ogun raises concerns over rising blindness among factory workers

The Ogun State government has called on factories operating in the state to ensure that their workers are provided with proper kits, including protective goggles, in order to safeguard their eyesight. The state said its finding had shown that blindness was more predominant among factory workers in the state.

The Commissioner of Health, Dr Tomi Coker, said during a press conference in commemoration of World Sight Day 2023 with the theme, ‘Love your eyes at work,’ “We are speaking to factories and employers as well, they must make sure that they provide protective goggles for their employees as well as make sure that there’s safety around the workplace.

“We have realised in Ogun State, in particular, that the number of blind people that we see within the factory workers is far higher, the proportion is far higher among the people working in factories than in the general population,” the commissioner said.

The commissioner disclosed that the government had distributed 250 free eyeglasses, otherwise known as ‘Jigi Dapo’ to the artisans at the Mechanic Village, Abeokuta.


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