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Imo Election: I will recover my mandate , Anyanwu vows

The candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP ) in the 11 November Imo state governorship polls , Senator Samuel Anyanwu has accused the Independent National Electoral commission ( INEC) and state operatives torpedoing his victory, as they aided and abetted the electoral heist in the state.

Anyanwu who called for calm , assured his supporters and the people of Imo state that he will employ every legal machinery within his reach to recover the mandate given to him by the good people of Imo.

Addressing a world press conference on Wednesday at the state party Secretariat in Owerri, Imo state capital , he stated his campaign Organisation ( SamJones ) had set the pace in the state as they had galvanized all the known segments of the populace, the party members, the workers, pensioners, artisans, inagas, students, market men, youth and women who were very eager to change the narratives of Imo politics. But that the desire of the people of Imo state was torpedoed by the deployment of state operatives in collusion with the Independent National Electoral commission.

He said, ” Our preparedness to bequeath to Imo State a people-propelled leadership and safe administration in total departure to the “tigbuo zogbuo” exploitative and mass-killing regime presently witnessed in the State was unparalleled. Our dream of an ever lasting peace, progress and sanctity of lives and property in the State was torpedoed by the wicked deployment of known State operatives and the weaponization of State apparati; including the forceful compromise of the notable financial institutions, all geared towards frustrating our individual and collective efforts to make a free, fair and credible election possible.You will recall that as soon as the inter-play of all used negative democratic forces were displayed, I quickly addressed the press and rejected the possible outcome of the election of the 11th Nov, 2023, and called for its outright cancellation.You are well aware that the election was marred with irregularities, intimidations, brutal force, and flagrant Shooting by men who ordinarily would have protected the people and ensured orderliness.”

Continuing , “on the election day however, what we witnessed instead was officers of the state aiding and abating all manner of electoral malpractices, thuggery, ballot box snatching and massive thump printing of ballot papers, regrettably, the electoral umpire, INEC shamefully reneged on their promise to deploy the proper implementation of the guiding principle of a free, fair and credible electoral process.It is shameful that some polling units where the Bimodal Voters Accreditation System (BVAS) recorded less number of accredited voters in the (IReV), far and overreaching votes were awarded in favor of the All Progressive Congress Party, APC. On the election day, the APC openly declared a fratricidal war against the ndi Imo.What really happened on the 11th of Nov, 2023 was an open rape of democracy; a broad day robbery of Imo peoples mandate, a coordinated plot to destabilize dislocate and disfigure a people already injured by the same cartel who has vowed not to give peace a chance in Imo State.It is painful to observe that our Deputy Governorship Candidate, Dr. Jones Onyereri and myself would have been murdered during the election. We were only saved by God’s grace. While my convoy was attacked and my 4 vehicles vandalized, Dr. Jones escaped death by whiskers as he was attacked in his home by armored personnel career and dangerously armed men.

It is therefore unimaginable what ordinary citizens of the state went through in the hands of these state sponsored bandits. Despite the physical attacks on our persons, I have been falsely accused of all manner of issues. You will recall that some members of our party falsely accused me of being a place holder to the APC Governor.

Subsequently, they fine-tuned their blackmail to fake video circulation of my withdrawal from the race on the eve of the election when campaign was over as allegedly peddled by TVC. Recall also that TVC came out to debunk the fake videos as not originating from them. Finally, their false accusation became the collection of 2.5 billion naira and all other negative thoughts, fabrications and propaganda. These are all desperate attempts to bring me and the Sam-Jones campaign organization down. However, one remarkable thing about this election was that, despite all odds Imo people genuinely came out to vote for our party, PDF after rejecting all financial inducements by desperate position seekers. It is indeed heartwarming that in our determination to enthrone a safer and better Imo anchored, on peace, unity and cooperation; Imo people gave listening ears, internalized our message of liberation and also joined in the movement to secure our dear state from the stranglehold of insecurity, bad governance and abuse of human right”

He added, “No amount of lies, blackmail, or blasphemy can deter us from delivering on our avowed promises to Imo People.
Let me once more appeal to you to remain calm, law abiding and good party loyalists. We shall deploy all acceptable and all known legal machineries in motion to recover our stolen mandate.To make Imo safe again is a task that must be won” .


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