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Bamidele Atoyebi sues FIJ, Dukiya Investment owners for defamation, breach of contract

Prominent businessman and philanthropist Bamidele Atoyebi has initiated legal proceedings against an online media outlet, FIJ, along with owners of Dukiya Investments Ologolo Lekki, Lagos, Messrs Lukman Shobowale and Bayo Lawal, for defamation and breach of contract.

The lawsuit marked LD/7277ADR2024 Bamidele Lateef Atoyebi v Lukman Shobowale &2Ors filed at the Lagos State High Court, follows an article by FIJ accusing Atoyebi of deploying Nigerian Army personnel to harass Shobowale and Lawal.

Expressing his dismay at the timing of the accusations amid the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, Atoyebi has vehemently denied the allegations and seeks redress through the legal system.

Atoyebi is seeking a declaration from the court that FIJ’s publication is defamatory, urging an order for the defendants to collectively pay a substantial sum of 900 million naira in damages. Additionally, he demands a court order compelling the defendants to publish apology letters in seven major dailies, rectifying the harm caused by the libellous publication.

Atoyebi, in a chat with newsmen, further alleges cyber bullying and blackmail, requesting the court to compel each defendant to pay him 300 million naira, totalling 900 million naira. The businessman claims these actions have caused significant harm to his reputation and well-being.

The lawsuit reveals a disturbing breach of trust and contract, asserting that Atoyebi paid for two plots of land worth over 20 million naira more than a year ago. Despite the payment, the land remains unallocated, and Atoyebi has not received a refund. Additionally, a 22.5 million naira thrift remains unmerited, adding to the litany of alleged transgressions.

Atoyebi further accuses Shobowale and Lawal of increasing the land rates after witnessing its escalated value and subsequently selling the property to another party. A breach of trust is emphasised, alleging that money was falsely obtained under false claims.

A comprehensive set of evidence has been prepared supporting Atoyebi’s claims and will be presented during the court proceedings.

The unfolding legal battle promises to shed light on a complex web of accusations involving defamation, breach of contract, and alleged financial improprieties.


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