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Insecurity: Defence College Commandant seeks balanced gender representation

The National Defence College recently played host to the top brass of the nation’s security personnel in its quest to strengthen and expand the role of women in the country’s security architecture.

‘Workshop on Strengthening Women’s Networks in Security Institutions’ was the theme of the two-day event held at the National Defence College between May 22 to 23, 2024.

the news reports that the workshop focused on equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to advocate for women’s roles in security settings.

“This marks a significant stride towards gender equality in the security sector. It delved into leadership development, community engagement, policy advocacy, and fostering supportive environments for women within the sector,” a statement credited to Dr Olajumoke Ganiyat Jenyo, the Gender Desk Officer for The Centre for Strategic Research and Studies, NDC, who is the organiser of the workshop with funding support from the UN Women, read in parts.

These networks, the statement noted, “served as more than mere support systems than they act as transformative platforms that enable mutual support, mentorship, and knowledge exchange among women.

“They play a pivotal role in advocating for institutional changes that recognise and appreciate the contributions of women.”

The statement further stressed that the initiative underscores the significance of acknowledging and valuing women’s roles in security functions.

“By empowering women and their networks within the security sector, the workshop strives to cultivate a more inclusive and supportive atmosphere, benefiting both the institutions and the larger community,” it added.

It pointed out that the workshop was part of a broader initiative aimed at boosting the participation and influence of women in security institutions, illustrating a steadfast commitment to gender equality and empowerment in the security realm

Arewa PUNCH further reports that the workshop, with the theme: ‘Enhancing Gender-Responsive Security Operations and Community Dialogue Project in Nigeria (Phase II)’, created the opportunity for wives’ in the associations of the Nigerian Army, Navy, Air Force, the Police and the Civil Defence to play crucial roles in achieving operational successes in the security sector.

Earlier, the Commandant of the NDC, Rear Admiral Olumuyiwa Olotu, canvassed the need to increase the representation of women in the military and other security agencies in order to have effective outcomes from operations.

Olotu had also eadlier canvassed this during the opening session of a two-day workshop on “Promotion of Women’s Network/Association in the Security Sector” organised by the college.

Olotu, represented by the Secretary of the college, AVM Titus Dauda, explained that balanced gender representation would significantly improve operational outcomes in the security sector.

Olotu noted that their presence underscored the crucial roles that families, particularly women, played in the strength and resilience of security institutions in an ever-evolving world.

He said, “The security sector stands as a crucial area where balanced gender representation can significantly improve operational outcomes.

“Thus, it is important to recognise and give credence to the vital roles women continue to play within the sector, particularly the vital roles women continue to play in the studies in the sector.

“Pertinently promoting what women’s networks and associations offer, among others, is an effective strategy that will continue to shape gender-responsive policies within the security institutions.

“More so, these networks provide platforms for mutual support, mentorship, and skills sharing while advocating for institutional changes that acknowledge and value women’s contributions.

“It is believed that by fostering a collective voice and shared purpose, these networks can enhance individual efforts and create widespread positive change within security institutions,” Olotu concluded.


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